Mattress Kings is the obvious choice if you’re looking for a mattress store near you.

Mattress Store Near Me - Miami Mattress

Mattress Store Near Me – Miami Mattress for Luxury Brand Names

If you’ve ever searched for a “mattress store near me” and you’re a resident of Florida, the answer to your search is the Mattress Kings. With seven convenient locations in Cutler Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, Miami, and North Miami, customers will receive optimal service from our knowledgeable staff without having to travel too far from home to find a great mattress.


Residents who search for a “mattress store near me” in Midtown Miami can meet with the trained staff of the Mattress Kings to help them select a better mattress for a good night’s sleep.

The Mattress Kings employs enthusiastic and friendly people who do not work for commission. Customers can shop with ease at the 3200 North Miami Avenue location in midtown Miami knowing the staff is trained to match them with a better mattress for their sleep style rather than simply the highest priced product in the store.

If you are a side sleeper, you will want to talk to a store employee who understands your body needs a different type of support than a back sleeper. The hips, shoulder, and head sink deeper into the mattress and bear the majority of the body’s weight. A well-trained employee will direct your attention to mattresses which are designed to support these areas while continuing to properly position the rest of the body in healthy alignment.


Looking for “a mattress store near me” in Florida is a smart choice to verify the comfort and support of a mattress in person; Mattress Kings has a solution to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Coming to the store to try out brand name mattress is a great idea. However, with 30+ years in the mattress business, the Mattress Kings have seen time and time again how aches and pains from improper alignment may not arise until after sleeping on the mattress for a few nights.

The first approach is to support Mattress Kings’ customers with information. We know our mattresses; we guide our customers to the products which offer the right support for their individual comfort requirements.

For example, weight is a factor to consider – light weight sleepers may rest in an uncomfortable arch all night long on a too-firm mattress while a heavier sleeper will sink into a too-soft memory foam mattress prohibiting the spine from resting in the correct place. The torso houses over 30 individual muscles and any strain or tension on them when holding improper alignment all night long results in soreness and discomfort over time.

Of course, no matter how much our employees have learned, nothing replaces giving a mattress the old school try to make sure it’s the right mattress for you. Mattress Kings offers a 120-day guarantee. If the mattress selected does not support a great night’s sleep, we’ll make it right with an exchange of a mattress which will better meet your needs.


If you live in Miami, but, Midtown is a hike for you to try out a new mattress, a better “mattress store near me” result is available to you at The Mattress Kings on Flager Street.

Living a little further west can make driving all the way out to midtown Miami a trek. At 8242 W. Flager Street, customers receive the same dedicated service from the Mattress Kings staff as well as the same wide selection of time-tested, trusted name brand mattresses.

Mattress brands like Serta and Sealy have earned household name status due to their 100+ years of experience developing the best mattresses. Over the better part of a century, these brands have responded to their customers’ needs with tested innovations to accommodate the comfort requirements of a variety of resting positions and weight combinations. The staff at The Mattress Kings on Flager Street are qualified to direct you to Serta and Sealy hybrid inner spring and memory foam mattresses in an effort to address the sleep needs of the entire family.

The Mattress Kings stocks products from the best of Sealy’s products to include the Response line, the Performance collection, the Conform line, the Golden Elegance collection, and more. Sealy’s specializations in hybrid mattresses, delivering the best both memory foam and inner spring mattresses have to offer, makes for promising improvements in getting a good night’s sleep for a wider variety of sleeping styles.

Go to for information.

Similarly, the Mattress Kings carries the best of the #1 mattress manufacturer, Serta, has to offer with their iComfort and Perfect Sleeper products.

The Perfect Sleeper was designed to address the most common sleep inhibitors.

Aside from the pain caused by inadequate support, the Perfect Sleeper was designed to reduce motion transfer. If you ever wake up because your partner is rising out of bed or getting into bed at differing times, you need a mattress which reduces the amount of movement you feel as your partner gets in and out of bed. The engineering of the Perfect Sleeper cushions the person already resting in bed so weight placed on another part of the mattress is practically undetectable.

Some foam mattresses are not as comfortable as one would believe if the design does not allow for heat to escape. At night when we’re warm and cozy under blankets, the temperature rises in a poorly made mattress causing the sleeper to toss and turn and kick off covers. To maintain an ideal temperature, Serta’s Perfect Sleeper includes thoughtfully spaced layers for heat to escape as well as cooling gel memory foam.

If you live closer to Coral Gables, Florida, and you’re wondering “Is there a mattress store near me?” the Mattress Kings currently serves your community on Bird Road.

The Mattress Kings has spread three locations across Miami to accommodate the wider community with the most trusted brands of mattresses to bring a better nights’ rest and more productive days to our city.

Stocking our Florida mattress stores with reliable, quality products and providing the best in customer service is the foundation of our business. For this reason, we’ve chosen brands who strive to uphold for the same level of high standards as the Mattress Kings.

For their excellent craftsmanship and 100+ years of experience, the Mattress Kings proudly offers Kingsdown mattresses. In addition to high quality products, Kingsdown has backed decades of research on sleep quality. Their mattress designs are specifically inspired by this data rather than old fashioned bedding traditions in order to provide their customers with the best of their discoveries.

Kingsdown prides itself on having “higher standards than other mattress manufacturers.” Among these above average standards, Kingsdown tests all of their mattresses for support accuracy. Mattress Kings customers have the opportunity to select from the popular Henline brand to test the experts in sleep research for themselves.


North Miami residents asking “Where is there a mattress store near me” will find the Mattress Kings conveniently located on Biscayne Blvd.

If you’re on the north side of Rte 1 in Miami, the Mattress Kings is there to support your community at 14460 Biscayne Blvd in North Miami Beach, FL. One of the benefits of visiting a mattress store near you is having the opportunity to explore the options of adjustable bed sets.

Not all partners who prefer to sleep together have the same sleep style or comfort requirements. One way to stay together while still receiving adequate, restorative sleep, is to try out adjustable beds such as Tempur-Pedic brand mattresses and adjustable sets.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses were inspired by the first style of memory foam as developed by NASA in the early 1970’s. This material was designed to cushion astronauts during liftoff which implies the durability and flexibility of this material in order to support this level of impact. The sensitivity of the material to pressure and temperature along with its inherent quality of evenly distributing weight inspired bed makers like Tempur-Pedic to create mattresses to support the impact of our day-to-day lives. In 1991, Temper-Pedic Sweden adapted this “visco-elastic” NASA foam in order to create the ultimate support in bedding.

Adjustable beds have helped people with various different sleep necessities to reduce aggravating symptoms and conditions to include sleep apnea, asthma, body pain, insomnia, leg swelling, blood circulation issues, and digestive troubles. The ability to sleep slightly upright may help with nasal passages remaining clear and open. Lying flat at night aggravates any conditions accompanied by leg swelling. The ability to elevate the legs prevents blood circulation stopping up in the lower region of the body. Likewise, with other circulation issues, the appropriate elevation of effected parts of the body can not only relieve symptoms, but, possibly promote better rest for easing the discomfort.

An adjustable mattress and bed set from the Mattress Kings may assist with the task of getting in and out of bed. The ability to elevate the body rather than exerting the effort and energy to pull yourself may add ease and a freer flow to your morning routine.


Seeking a “mattress store near me” when you live between Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach will render a quick result in The Mattress Kings on 3950 N. Federal Hwy.

Florida residents above Miami have the advantage of shopping from a variety of luxury brand name mattresses for the ultimate experience in restful comfort. Stearns& Foster mattresses produce the perfect balance of sophisticated engineering with the regal and luxurious feeling of silk layers to help you drift effortlessly to sleep.

The Mattress Kings proudly stocks Stearns & Foster mattresses thanks to the company’s 167 years of experience in designing quality mattresses. The Mattress Kings showroom contains their most popular and elegant collections to include the Reserve, Lux Estate, and Estate lines. Their mattresses are engineered to allow for comfortable airflow to avoid heat pockets trapping in between the layers causing a sleeper to toss and turn with the intervals of irregularly changing and uncomfortably warm temperatures. In addition to cooling silk, Stearns& Foster mattresses are wrapped in soft, breathable, stretch-knot fabric for wicking moisture. Air vents are installed in between the mattress layers of gel to maximize comfort.

The concept behind this level of luxury is not at all frivolous. If you’ve ever been to a resort quality hotel and felt noticeably refreshed after sleeping in the bed, the next logical question concerns the delegation of this level of comfort to a vacation. If our quality of life is enriched with a luxurious night’s sleep, an investment in a resort approved mattress becomes more of a selfcare measure to be better available to fully live your life rather than settling for always feeling tired.


When you want to know where there is a “mattress store near me” in Hialeah, The Mattress Kings serves this community at 3520 W. 18th Ave.

The Hialeah community will find the same excellent brands of quality mattresses to include Beautyrest. Beautyrest has a historic legacy for representing the ultimate in luxury and high quality. Their mattresses were installed on the Titanic as part of the ship’s goal to demonstrate the finest quality on their vessel. Eleanor Roosevelt was noted as having praised the brand on the radio after sleeping on a Beautyrest mattress herself.

With a legacy of excellence on their side, Beautyrest, as a company, refuses to settle for mediocrity and has continuously updated its brand to improve the quality of sleep for everyone who chooses their mattresses. Their first wrapped coil spring was developed by James Marshall in 1900 and demonstrated a higher level of comfort than the earlier prototypes. Over time, more innovations would come from the Beautyrest brand to include the first “no-flip” mattress, improved pocketed coils, etc.

Flipping a mattress is considered a longevity measure to help avoid irregular wear and tear on the sleeping surface. The old rule of thumb was to flip a mattress every 3 months, particularly if one is of a heavier weight. Traditional innerspring mattresses have coils and comfort levels on both sides of the mattress. In a no-flip mattress, there is a base for the coil system and extra comfort layers on one side. Flipping a mattress is cumbersome, heavy work. Beautyrest was among the very first manufacturers to develop a product to reduce the inconvenience on the customer when it comes to the longevity of the mattress.

In our modern age, Beautyrest has developed the Smart Response pocketed coil technology and a specialized sleep tracker to help their customers learn more about what improves or inhibits their sleep quality. A comfortable mattress is a key player in quality sleep; however, Beautyrest knows it is not the only factor in achieving restorative rest. Our consistency in getting to bed at a reasonable time, the position in which we sleep, our eating habits, and other factors improve or deplete our rest. The Beautyrest sleep monitoring device pairs with any mattress and can provide insight on how to sleep better. The Mattress Kings stocks products from several of their top performing lines from their Black, Silver, and Recharge collections.

Even residents of Cutler Bay asking “is there a mattress store near me” have a local Mattress Kings as well as the same options for delivery and financing.

The Mattress Kings is founded on helping customers get the best night’s sleep a top-quality mattress can provide. The company is aware of the large investment it is to buy a new mattress. One answer to this would be to stock cheaper products; this is not an acceptable solution for the Mattress Kings. Cheaper mattresses will not fulfill the mission to bring the Cutler Bay community a better night’s sleep.

To uphold the high standards of the company, the Mattress Kings stocks the highest quality in luxury brand name mattresses. In order to make this luxury accessible to everyone, the Mattress Kings has partnered with Acima Financing to make this investment in sleep health one of the easiest our Florida communities will ever make.

One of the first concerns with a financing program involves credit scores. The Mattress Kings chose to work with Acima because their 12-month payment plans are not based on credit scores for customers to receive approval. Approval is immediate and there are incentives for customers to paying their balances early.

Their application is simple and accessible online either at a home desktop or on a smart phone while choosing a mattress in the store. Acima asks four questions to assess eligibility. They will ask to confirm a customer’s employment (several streams of income are fully applicable), active bank account presence for a minimum of 90 days, monthly checking account deposits, and NSFs and overdraft history.

When you want to find a “mattress store near me,” you’re looking for convenience and excellence; The Mattress Kings has been honored with a five star Google rating from its loyal customer base throughout their Florida locations.

We are here to serve the community and the community has responded with humbling praise for their experience at the Mattress Kings. Joanna Ruiz wrote, “I was in Midtown looking to buy a mattress and I saw this adorable lady on the corner with a sign for Mattress Kings. She pointed at their parking lot! Awesome! Came to buy a new mattress and left with the mattress and base for the same price as I was planning to spend for just the mattress. The gentleman was helpful and knowledgeable. The whole process took less than an hour.”

From the Cutler Bay community, Lil Gail wrote, “I highly recommend Mattress Kings! if you are looking to purchase a mattress, box spring, electric bases or pillows. They offer many high quality brands to choose from and what will best fit your needs with very competitive prices. Super team, from sales to delivery to first class, red carpet customer service! A+A+A+A+A+.”

We had the opportunity to assist Danielle Baker at our mattress store location in Hialeah. She wrote to us, “Alex is very professional, knowledgeable, and provided me with great help when choosing a mattress. Not to mention, the prices are great! Please go see him if you’re in need of a mattress.Thank you Alex & Mattress Kings!”

Our goal for residents of Fort Lauderdale seeking a “mattress store near me”is to find us and leave us as happy with their purchase as Jene Kapela. Jene wrote, “Great shopping experience – knowledgeable and friendly customer service; they helped me find exactly what I wanted. I love my new mattress!”


Any one of the Mattress Kings’ seven convenient locations is the best result for everyone seeking a mattress store near them.

There’s an overwhelming number of choices out there when we’re searching for a “mattress store near me.” If you’ve started the search, you’re likely not interested in pushy sales people working for commission bombarding you with conflicting information about what you should do with your hard-earned money.

The Mattress Kings wants to make your search for a better night’s sleep as simple as possible with a tailored approach to addressing your specific sleep needs. We know you don’t want the added stress of spending a full day making what is already a big choice. We’ll help you narrow down the options to make your mattress selection obvious rather than an event for which you’ll wish you had studied.

Find what you’re looking for at The Mattress Kings in Miami, North Miami, Cutler Bay, Fort Lauderdale, and Hialeah. All of our locations are open from 10 AM – 8 PM Monday through Saturday and 12 PM – 6 PM on Sunday. In Miami, find us at 8242 W. Flager Street, 7481 Bird Road, and 3200 North Miami Avenue. Find a “mattress store near me” in Cutler Bay at 19145 S. Dixie Hwy or in Hialeah at 3520 W. 18th Ave., Ste 145. If you need a luxury mattress in North Miami Beach, visit us at 14460 Biscayne Blvd. For our community in Fort Lauderdale, stop by 3950 N. Federal Hwy to start sleeping better so you can live better rested!


Call us at 1-888-708-5464 for more information about our delivery options, improving your sleep quality, and which mattress might be just right for you.


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