9 Myths About Mattresses You Didn’t Know Were Myths

Miami Mattress Myth

There’s a lot of good advice out there about mattresses – how, when, and where to buy a mattress as well as what kind of mattress is best for generalized health issues. However, there are several myths which actually prevent us from selecting a mattress which will support adequate, restful sleep.

In this article, you’ll see some familiar phrases about mattresses which may have either convinced you to buy a mattress which does not support your best rest or prevented you from taking the kind of care of your mattress which would increase its longevity. After debunking some mattress myths, you’ll have a chance to review for yourself why the Mattress Kings supports the good rest of the Miami community rather than the price tag of the firmest, biggest mattress in a typical retail environment.


A more in depth description of the different types of mattresses and why they work differently based on a person’s sleep patterns will help customers better understand the true differences between these mattresses:

  • Serta Brand Name Mattresses
  • Sealy Brand Name Mattresses
  • Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Mattress Sets
  • Serta’s Perfect Sleeper Mattress
  • Stearns and Foster Luxury Brand Name Mattresses
  • Beautyrest Black, Recharge and Silver Mattresses
  • Kingsdown Mattresses

At the end of this article, you’ll learn the number one way to make sure you get the perfect mattress for your needs and where to find the bestsales staff in the greater Miami area.


Miami Mattress Myth #1: One size mattress fits all.

Even though we’re not exactly talking about sweatshirts here, who started this completely unreasonable mattress myth?

All across the internet, from YouTube to social media and sponsored websites, you’ve likely seen new advertisements for better, cheaper mattresses with names you’ve never heard before. Unlike the familiar brand names of Sealy or Tempur-Pedic, names now derive from colors, parts of fruit, and cartoon ghosts.

Turns out this is where many people were likely confused; according to an article about one such independent mattress maker, their design concept focuses on making one mattress to accommodate all sleepers. This insinuates the exact same mattress will support a small woman weighing 135 pounds just as well as a man weighing 250 pounds.

It appears to be a new business model to try to make what is a layered decision less complicated. Multiple factors affect whether or not a mattress helps place an individual sleeper in the right position to rest. Weight, height, tendencies to sleep on the side, back, or belly all mixed up in various combinations will require variations of firmness, spring, length, etc.


Miami Mattress Myth #2: One mattress is able to accommodate couples without adjustment.

For the same reasons listed above, no one mattress is likely to ideally support partners unless they are roughly the same size and have similar sleep preferences.

Most people grit their teeth and accommodate at least one sleeper while the other struggles. Furthermore, couples have different needs compared to those who only accommodate themselves. The bed needs to be big enough for two, quiet enough to avoid disturbing the sleeping partner, and an inviting space for sex.

It’s tempting to blame the lack of good sleep for one partner in this scenario on personalityor sleep habits, but, it may be a better option to either buy two different twin mattress and place them in a king frame or buy a mattress which is customizable to each sleeper.

An innerspring mattress with pocketed coils might do the job for a couple if there are no significant weight differences. Considering memory foam mattresses might better accommodate couples as the material moves to the contour of their individual spaces on the mattress. Speaking to a knowledgeable professional at Mattress Kings in Miami who is educated about mattresses rather than relying on commission is the best way to figure out the best configuration for a long-lasting relationship and a better night’s sleep!


Miami Mattress Myth #3: People with back pain should definitely choose a firm mattress.

This mattress myth is thrown around A LOT and it’s possibly making it even more difficult for many who suffer from back pain to find relief and rest at night.

The important factor to understand to bust this myth properly is the shape of the spine. The firm mattress myth comes from the belief a firm mattress offers better support. If the bed is too firm, the spine cannot rest in its natural position.

Spines are “S-shaped,” not stiff as a board; and if you’re light as a feather, you’re sleeping in a constant, slight arch, achieving a frontal or side stretch for too long a duration. This sort of sleep position may actually be the culprit for aches and pains. Likewise, too soft a mattress, especially for heavier sleepers, will not support the body in a natural position, but, rather, sink where the body is heaviest.

This is where talking to an educated mattress professional in Miami will serve you well. At Mattress Kings, they are trained to assess your needs and match you with mattresses which are the right firmness and durability to support your spine.


Miami Mattress Myth #4: Pillow-top mattresses are the most comfortable mattresses on the planet.

A pillow-top makes it sound as though the sleeper is transported to dream land on a cloud… when a pillow-top mattress is simply a way to distinguish products between competitors, a marketing technique.

A noticeably plush sleeping surface is not exclusive to pillow-top mattresses. The cushioning feelings accompanying this description can be achieved with traditional mattresses as well. If an individual believes a more luxurious feel requires a fluffy, regal feel, there are certainly pads which can top a well-made mattress to create this environment.

Beware of a minor myth regarding mattress toppers. Some believe they add years to the use and longevity of a mattress which is not at all the case. These padded cushions may add a little extra comfort to pressure points, but, if a bed is aging, then no number of pillow-y pads will adequately support healthy sleep.


Miami Mattress Myth #5: Good mattresses will last a lifetime – it’s what the warranty guarantees, right?

WRONG. When you really review those lifetime warranties, they are almost always referring to the materials which made the mattress, not the mattress itself. Speaking of those toppers, it’s important to verify if attempting to clean the topper voids the warranty.

Most mattresses have a lifespan of approximately 7 – 10 years. Aside from the fact the mattress will inevitably wear out and the support system will weaken, think about what happens when we sleep at night.

If you weighed your new mattress at the time of purchase and again after about 8 years, the mattress will be heavier over time. Why? Mattresses absorb years of dead skin, dust, mites, oil, and dampness. Humans shed approximately 1 and ¼ cup of fluid every night. Over the course of one year, mattresses collect just over 1 pound of dead skin.This sounds less and less like a product you want to maintain over the span of a lifetime.


Miami Mattress Myth #6: Mattresses cannot be cleaned.

After what you just learned about what mattresses collect, here’s hoping debunking this particular myth is a relief!Almost all mattresses can be vacuumed on a regular basis to pick up a ¼ pound or two of those dead skin cells we’re shedding while we sleep. This also removes the dust to make your mattress a healthful, clean environment for restful sleep.

Some mattresses can withstand a steam cleaner as well. The key to using a steam cleaner is to make sure you allow for enough time to let the mattress fully dry out. Make sure you do your homework and verify the materials in your mattress before taking this route to cleaning it.

Those mattress toppers discussed earlier may reduce the need for this level of cleaning. The best part of a topper is its ability to absorb spillage. Toppers, after all, are much cheaper to replace than an entire mattress. Additionally, many toppers are machine washable.


Miami Mattress Myth #7: Mattresses must be flipped periodically.

Have you ever seen an old mattress with an impression where the sleeper would rest?

This is not a flaw of the mattress but, rather, a natural process of wear and tear. The myth derives from an observable occurrence; however, most mattress are one-sided and flipping them would defeat the purpose of buying something new. Many mattresses are built with the concept of a foundation and then more bodily support moving up through the layers of springs, coils, and foam.

What may help is rotating the mattress once per month for approximately half a year and then seasonally following this period of time. This makes the impression of the sleeper less obvious and is one method for experiencing optimal performance of the product.


Miami Mattress Myth #8: A box spring is essential to setting up a mattress in your bedroom.

You only need a box spring if you want to be further from the ground when you sleep.

Box springs were originally invented to absorb shock for early mattresses which were much thinner than what you see in Miami mattress stores today. If you’re told you absolutely have to have a box spring, either the salesperson is trying to make a higher commission or there might be something deficient about the mattress.

Modern mattresses are designed to absorb shock and provide support on their own. Choose a mattress which provides adequate support and only worry about a box spring if you’re really interested in the regal, lifted look of a bed.


Miami Mattress Myth #9: Taking a quick test rest in the showroom is how to determine the best mattress.

Think about the time you have to shop for a mattress. It’s probably after working a full day or after getting some morning chores on a weekend morning completed. Lying down is likely to feel pretty amazing no matter if the surface on which you are resting is adequate to place your body in a restful position all night long.

This sounds like a hassle, but, it’s important to try out a mattress for several nights before coming to any conclusions about whether or not it’s the right bed for you. Finding a dealer who will offer some kind of accommodation for trying out a mattress is one of the best ways to feel secure about your purchase.


The Mattress Kings in Miami is not your typical mattress retailer; the business model relies on knowledgeable partners to match you with your best bed.

Most of us cringe at the very thought of having to face pushy sales reps during a mattress sale. With all this misinformation in our heads, it’s easy to get manipulated into purchasing something expensive rather than a mattress which is genuinely supportive.

The Mattress Kings employstrained, friendly people who are not reliant on commission. The staff comes to work with the goal of making the selection of a new mattress easier, not pricier.  Customers in midtown Miami shop with ease knowing the employeesstrive to match them with the best mattress for their specific sleep style.

If you are, for example, an average sized sleeper who favors resting your side, workers at the Mattress Kings in Miamiknow you needa different type of support than a back sleeper. When you sleep on your side, your hips, shoulders, and head sinkfurther into the mattress than other parts of your body. These areas bear the majority of the body’s weight. The well-trained employees of the midtown Mattress Kings will show you your best mattress options designed to support these pressure points while simultaneously positioning the rest of the body in healthy alignment.


Mattress Kings in Miami stocks classic mattress makers like Serta and Sealy.

These brands have learned over the past century there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.”

When one returns to the example of weight, consider the light-weight sleeper who could sink uncomfortablyin an arch all night long on a too-firm mattress while the spine of a heavier sleeper will dip into a too-soft memory foam mattress likely resulting in aches and pains the next day. There are over 30 individual muscles in the torso and any strain or tension on them over an extended period of time (as in, while you’re sleeping at night) results in discomfort over time.

Over the better part of a century, household name brands Serta and Sealy have responded to their customers’ needs by evolving innovations to improve the comfort requirements of a variety of resting positions and weight combinations. The Serta and Sealy hybrid inner spring and memory foam mattresses were developed in recent years in order to address the sleep needs of a variety of sleepers in need of the middle-ground variety of spinal support.

With multiple lines available for purchase at any of the seven Mattress Kings locations in southern Florida, customers will have an educated guide to help them locate a mattress which will place their particular frame, weight, and sleep position in healthy alignment.


The staff at Mattress Kings assists customers with different sleep requirements by offering Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

Tempur-Pedic is one of the best options for couples wanting to sleep next to one another at night without sacrificing quality rest.One way for couples to stay together while still meeting their individual sleep needs is to try out adjustable beds such as Tempur-Pedic brand mattresses with adjustable sets.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses took their original memory foam formula from the material developed by NASA in the early 1970’s. The NASA foam was created to cushion astronauts during liftoff. When this technology, designed to support the human body from the impact of leaving the earth’s atmosphere, is applied to a bed, this implies an impressive level of durability for supporting pressure points lying still and held down by gravity. Tempur-Pedic was inspired by this material for its sensitivity to pressure and temperature as well asits ability to evenly distribute weight.Tempur-Pedicset out to take this technology to make mattresses with the integrity to support the impact of our daily lives.

Weight, height, and sleep position aside, there are various other factors which affect the quality of your sleep. Symptoms such as asthma, body pain, sleep apnea, insomnia, leg swelling, blood circulation issues, and digestive problems may all be lessened with adequate sleep. If you and your partner differ in these many areas, you are not alone. Adjustable beds have helped others with various different sleep necessities to reduce aggravating their individual symptoms.

Lying flat at night is known to exacerbate leg swelling. The ability to elevate the legs prevents blood circulation pooling in the lower region of the body. The ability to sleep slightly upright has been known to help keep nasal passages clear and open. The appropriate elevation of effected parts of the body may relieve symptoms and, possibly, promote better rest while easing discomfort.

Staff at the Mattress Kings in Miami will show couples in need of very different sleep setups the selection of Tempur-Pedic mattresses so neither partner needs to feel obligated to lose sleep.


Serta’s Perfect Sleeper mattresses help make sleep more restful for Mattress Kings Customers

Other common distractions from a good night’s rest include temperature and motion transfer. While a well-made foam mattress may fit the bill for your body’s optimal comfort, not all foam mattress designs allow for heat to escape. When we first get into bed at night after a long day, we tend to cozy up under the covers as we drift off to sleep. If a mattress does not have adequate temperature control, inevitably, as our resting temperature rises, we tend to become uncomfortably warm, tossing off the covers and waking up on and off as our temperature fluctuates.

Serta’s Perfect Sleeper was designed with this typical disrupter in mind. The layers of their special memory foam mattress are spaced precisely to give the body adequate support for pressure points while leaving venting areas for heat to escape. Their thoughtful design will help keep you and your partner at a consistent resting temperature throughout the night.

Motion transfer refers to that familiar feeling when you are jostled and bounced around as your partner gets out of bed. If you and your partner rise for your day at different times, it’s important to find a mattress which reduces motion transfer. The Perfect Sleeper was engineered to cushion around the person still resting. This means weight placed on another part of the mattress is almost entirely undetectable.


Stearns and Fosters mattresses are a trusted luxury brand name mattress

Many people consider the concept behind bedroom luxury as frivolous and reserved for resorts to exotic islands. Just think of the difference it would make in one’s life, productivity, and state of mind to wake up refreshed every morning. Enriching your quality of life with a luxurious night’s sleep is an investment in your selfcare and the overall well-being of your day. Settling for being “tired of being tired” is no way to live a fulfilling life.

Southern Florida residents in Miami, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, and midtown have the advantage of shopping from a variety of luxury brand name mattresses andexperience the bestproducts for restful comfort. The Mattress Kings proudly carries Stearns& Foster mattresses for their perfect balance of sophisticated engineering with the regal and luxurious touch of silk layers inspiring you to drift effortlessly off to dream land.

Stearns & Foster has 167 years of experience designing quality mattresses. The Mattress Kings selected their most elegant, sophisticated collections to include the Estate, Lux Estate, and Reserve lines. These mattresses check all the boxes in addition to providing a pampered sleep environment. Their products are engineered to allow for comfortable airflow which eliminates heat pockets distracting you from getting rest. Stearns& Foster mattresses are covered in soft, stretch-knot fabric to wick moisture. Maybe you don’t need a box spring, but, if you are looking for the princess bed experience, The Mattress Kings will give you the royal treatment and help you pick out a perfect Stearns & Foster mattress.


The Mattress Kings offers the best mattresses on the market today built with integrity, such as the Beautyrest brand.

As you’ve already learned, flipping a mattress was once considered a longevity measure to help reduce the effects of regular wear and tear. This old-fashioned practice prescribed flipping mattresses every 3 months, particularly for heavier sleepers. Traditional innerspring mattresses contain coils on both sides of the mattress. However, now you know most mattresses today are one-sided, also referred to as“no-flip mattresses.” Most mattress makers these days place extra comfort layers on one side of the mattress.

Part of this updated practice for mattress manufacturing derives from the cumbersome, difficult task it is to flip a mattress on a regular basis! Beautyrest was among the pioneeringmanufacturers to create mattresses which reduce the inconvenience on the customer wishing to preserve the longevity of a mattress. The first wrapped coil spring for the Beautyrest brand was developed by James Marshall in 1900. This technology went above and beyond what was available on the market, providing a higher level of comfort than its competing, earlier prototypes. This tradition of innovation led to developing improved parameters for comfort and for enhancing the sleep environment for its customers.Beautyrest mattresses have always had a reputation for quality. Their products were chosen to be features on the Titanic as part of the demonstration of the vessel’shigh standards. Eleanor Roosevelt was said to have rested on aBeautyrest mattress herself and was willing to endorse the product publicly.

Today, Beautyrest offers the Smart Response pocketed coil technology and a digital sleep tracker. The brand is devoted to improving how America sleeps and their new sleep system strives to help their customers learn about what improves or inhibits their quality of rest. While a comfortable mattress is a significant component to achieving quality sleep, the Beautyrest brand has taken the time to research and understand how it is not the only factor for obtaining restorative rest.

Other factors impacting our rest includeinconsistency in getting to bed at a reasonable time, the position in which one sleeps, eating habits, etc.The Mattress Kings chose to stock the Beautyrest brand because its sleep monitoring device pairs with any mattress providing insight on how to sleep better. Their top performing lines to include the Black, Recharge, and Silver collections remain available to south Florida customers who are ready to sleep more soundly.


The Mattress Kings of Miami gives customers a 4 month trial for luxury brand name mattresses

While the Mattress Kings’ trained employees know mattresses, nothing truly stands in for giving a mattress the old school test drive to make sure it’s the right mattress for you. In order for you to get what you’re looking for from your investment, the Mattress Kings offers a 120-day guarantee. If the mattress you buy does not deliver a great night’s sleep, the professionals of south Florida will exchange your mattress for one which better suits your needs.

Among the quality options is the Kingsdown brand, selected for their high standards in craftsmanship and 100+ years of experience. Kingsdown has based their mattress designs after decades ofsponsoring research on what promotes sleep quality. Rather than relying on traditional manufacturing standards, Kingsdown mattresses are built following analysis of the study data.

Mattress Kings selected Kingsdown to stock in all seven locations as the company prides itself on upholding “higher standards than other mattress manufacturers.” One of the standards upon which Kingsdown insists is testing all of their mattresses for support accuracy before they land in the stores – which is above and beyond the average mattress manufacturer! Mattress Kings customers in southern Florida can shop from the popular Henline brand.


Residents of Miami, North Miami, Cutler Bay, Fort Lauderdale, and Hialeah get the mattress they need at Mattress Kings

You don’t need a box spring, you don’t need to flip your mattress four times per year, you can definitely vacuum your mattress, “pillow-top” is just fancy wording, and supporting your most restorative sleep is a custom-made necessity with no one-size fits all solutions.

Better yet, you don’t have to worry about the hassle you’re used to seeing at other mattress retailers. The Mattress Kings employees are not fighting for commission and are dedicated to helping south Florida get the best night’s sleep to be a more productive, well-rested community. It’s not an uncomplicated choice to find the right mattress for you and your partner or to help ease specific, uncomfortable symptoms. Talking to professionals who have your best interests at heart is a solid method for finding your ideal mattress.

The Mattress Kings provides same-day delivery, a 120-day guarantee, and even financing options to make the choice to support your health even easier to make. Choose among financing plans and partners to include Acima, Synchrony, and West Creek.


Find the mattress you need at The Mattress Kings in Miami, North Miami, Cutler Bay, Fort Lauderdale, and Hialeah.

All Mattress Kings locations are open from 10 AM – 8 PM Monday through Saturday, 12 PM – 6 PM on Sunday. In Miami, visit the showroom to talk to a knowledgeable professional at any of their three locations: 8242 W. Flager Street, 7481 Bird Road, and 3200 North Miami Avenue.

If you’re looking for a luxury mattress in North Miami Beach, visit 14460 Biscayne Blvd. The community in Fort Lauderdale can stop by 3950 N. Federal Hwy to start sleeping better! Locate a “mattress store near me” in Cutler Bay at 19145 S. Dixie Hwy or in Hialeah at 3520 W. 18th Ave., Ste 145.


Call 1-888-708-5464 for more information about busting mattress myths, financing, mattress brands, sleep solutions for specific symptoms, the 120-day guarantee, and delivery options. The Mattress Kings has removed all the typical hassles from buying a quality mattress and investing in your selfcare.  Visit one of their locations to find the mattress that will change the way you sleep.



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