Luxury Mattress in Bird Road, Miami, FL

Find a Luxury Mattress at the Convenient Mattress Kings Location on Bird Road in Miami, FL.

Mattress Kings has a new location on Bird Road. Come by and see luxury brand name mattresses. For more information about luxury mattress brands in Miami, call 1-888-708-KING.

​​​​Too often people put off replacing an old, worn out, sagging, bulging, or just plain falling apart mattress for far too long.  This reluctance to change out their deteriorating mattress could be costing them a good night’s sleep or, worse, their old mattress could be the cause of consistently waking up with an aching back, hip or joint pain, or a number of other discomforts.


Mattress Kings, on 7481 Bird Road, Miami, FL knows buying a new luxury brand name mattress is personal.

People are not “one size fits all,” and neither are mattresses.  Mattress Kings trains their employees to listen to their customers’ individual needs.  Their knowledgeable staff does not work on commission and, therefore, they are focused on finding the right mattress, not the most expensive one, to their customers based on their specific comfort needs.  Because Mattress Kings stocks several premium mattress bands, they know their customers will sleep in comfort on quality materials.


Mattress Kings proudly offers a full line of Sealy luxury brand mattresses.

For over 130 years, Sealy has manufactured high quality mattresses in America.  Their Posturepedic Technology™ excels in mattress technology ensuring customers receive targeted support and comfort.  Mattress Kings stocks collections in their Sealy line to include classic coil, encased coil and foam mattresses. Visit  ​Call (305) 264-5664 for more information.


Mattress Kings in Miami, FL in an authorized Serta luxury brand mattress dealer.

#1 best selling mattress manufacturer Serta offers mattresses of exceptional quality and comfort.  Their collections include foam, hybrid foam and coil, as well as adjustable mattresses.  Serta is well known for their presence in fine hotels and luxury suites; the company strives to make every night feel like a vacation at home.


Finding the right Stearns & Foster luxury brand name mattress on Bird Road in Miami, FL is easy and more convenient than ever.

Stearns & Foster pays strict attention to detail when they manufacture every one of their fine luxury mattresses.  Mattress Kings offers a complete line of Stearns & Foster innercoil and foam hybrid mattresses, as well as their Reflexion 7 Adjustable Power base to assure a comfortable night’s rest.


Customizable comfort is possible with a Tempur-Pedic luxury brand mattresses from the Mattress Kings on Bird Road in Miami, FL.

The unique material of a Tempur-Pedic mattress conforms to the sleeper’s body ensuring personalized comfort for people of all sizes and weights.  Offering one-of-a-kind support, Temper-Pedic has several styles from which to choose for the ultimate sleeping experience.


Customers seeking Beautyrest luxury brand mattresses will find the best options in various sizes at the Mattress Kings’ Bird Road mattress store in Miami, FL.

The Beautyrest line at Mattress Kings has several collections to include innercoil, memory foam, and innercoil memory foam hybrids.  Beautyrest luxury mattresses provide the ultimate in temperature control and weight distribution to keep sleepers comfortable for the entire night.


Residents of Olympia Heights, Westchester, and South Miami can enjoy the expertise of Mattress Kings to find their ideal mattress at the convenient Bird Road location.

The Mattress Kings invites customers to experience the ease and comfort of shopping for luxury brand mattresses at their location on 7481 Bird Road, Miami, FL.  They also have 6 other convenient locations throughout the Miami area and Fort Lauderdale.  To learn more, please, visit their website or call 1-888-708-KING. 




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