Searching for a Mattress in Miami

Five Qualities to Look for When Searching for a Mattress Near You

If you are “searching for a mattress near me” there are many different steps that you should take to ensure that you find the best mattress that fits your specific needs.  Picking out a new mattress should not be a long drawn out process, so here are a couple of tips to follow when looking for your next mattress.


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Step 1: Figure Out if Your Bed is Ready to Be Replaced

When searching for a new mattress the first thing you should do is take a look at your current mattress.  For most mattresses, the average life span is about eight years, though this is not the case for some.  If you have a memory foam or hybrid mattress these mattresses can last up to ten years.  So be sure that your mattresses life span has been completely used up.

Sometimes a mattress can start to wear before the average life span comes along, so be sure to feel things out in your own bed rather than listening to averages on the internet. Some very simple ways to see if your mattress to be replaced is that you wake up with aches and pains in your back each morning.  On top of this, you may also experience some numbness in your limbs when you wake up.  These are all signs that your mattress is no longer able to support your body while you sleep.  These are the major signs that it’s time to replace your mattress.


Step 2: Define What Your Budget Is

In the past, the only way to get your mattress was to go in store with a ballpark budget.  This usually leads to people paying extremely high prices, along with at least one limb, to purchase at best a mediocre mattress.  Yet as the age of technology and the internet over takes all aspects of society it should be no surprise that the internet has helped make budgeting for a mattress purchase ten times easier. A key to remember when searching for a new mattress is that the most expensive does not always mean the best quality.  Be sure to check out typical mattress prices online for the brand and type that you are looking for before you head into a store, or purchase online.  Form your budget around the different prices you see around the internet.  Knowing your stuff about prices and markups can save you hundreds of dollars on your next mattress purchase.


Step 3: Establish the Type of Mattress That Best Suits You

In today’s world, there are many different types of mattresses for all body types and preferences.  These types of mattresses can be overwhelming when first stepping into the market, so here is a breakdown on two of the top types of mattresses found in the mattress market today.


Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are 100% foam, and typically are known for the high quality support that they provide those who invest in them.  One of the major cons of a memory foam mattress is the tend to lack cooling technologies that can lead to overheating in your sleep.  Though there are new models of the mattress that fix this issue, so be sure to ask about the cooling technology that is inside the mattress you are considering.  If you like to feel as though you are wrapped up in arms while you sleep along with having some of the best support on the market a memory foam mattress might be the best option for you to consider.


Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrids are a combination of memory foams and a traditional inner spring mattress.  These beds are known for their great support along with having the ability to keep your sleep at night as cool as possible.  These mattresses also offer some of the best support on the market.  If there were a type of mattress that could be unilaterally recommended to all sleeper it would be the hybrid mattress.  You can’t really go wrong when choosing this mattress.  Just be sure to do some research to find a good price.


Step 4:  Determine the Firmness that Best Suits You

When trying to figure out the firmness that you want and need there are many factors that could go into it.  Your weight, the position you sleep in, and personal preference all come into play when deciding the mattress firmness that best suits you.  It will be difficult to rely on anyone but yourself when it comes to firmness, because the topic of firmness comes down to personal preference; and everyone’s preference is always a little different.  Be sure to look up the pressure points that are being applied according to the position you sleep in.  Each position will apply pressure to different points of your body, so determining this will help lead to the type of mattress and firmness that will best suit you.  On top of this, your weight will play a crucial role in deciding the firmness that you need.  Your weight will determine the amount of pressure that your body’s pressure point will be under.  There are many charts online that help determine the firmness to weight ratio so be sure to check those out.  Firmness is crucial to getting the best out of your mattress so do not skimp on the research you do in this part of your mattress buying process.


Step 5:  Find a Reliable Store That You Can Trust

When “searching for a mattress near you” the most important part of the process is finding a store that you can trust to offer you fair prices.  Mattress Kings in Miami is the perfect fit for you if you want to have trustworthy staff, and great prices to look at.  Mattress Kings has been in the mattress business for over thirty years, they know how to gage what kind of mattress that you may need.  So, after you have done all the research you can on your next mattress and you still have questions, Mattress Kings will be more than happy to answer them.  They will also let you come in and test out mattresses to make sure that the research you have done equates to the actual experience of laying on a bed in-store.  Be sure to stop by their website at, or just stop by their store one of their many stores throughout the Miami area.



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